A bit about me...

I hesitate to write that I am a singer/songwriter because I loathe being typical...but ultimately I must, since that's what I am. What hopefully sets me apart, however, is my realism and embracement of the decidedly uncool. If I were cool I would write that my lyrics are transcendent and my voice hauntingly beautiful. I would wrap myself in mystery and intrigue, and gaze pensively into the distance in all my photos. But I'm not cool, at least not that I'm aware of. I'm a singer with a knack for mimicry...I can VERY convincingly imitate any vocal artist you put in front of my ears, from Barbra Streisand to Lady Gaga to The Dixie Chicks to Celine Dion.

I won the first Presidential Scholarship ever awarded to a music major by Kean University, granting me a full ride and immersing me in the world of professional vocal work as I recorded eight fully-produced albums and more than 50 songs for the school's public relations department, as part of an initiative to recruit local teens. I was often tossed onto large stages like PNC Arts Center's and New Jersey Performing Arts Center's with a mic and a begrudging rhythm section (silly idealistic instrumentalists) to sing one inspirational pop tune or another, which would inevitably contain at least six modulations. I came away with the abilities to improvise perfect harmonies (I did all my own back-up vocals on the recordings) and manipulate my voice to create myriad tones, inflections and styles. 

I joined a live entertainment company for ten years during and after college and became a seasoned stage performer, finally leaving this year to pursue...dun-da-dun-daaaaaa...more artistic endeavors! My path crossed that of an amazingly talented singer, songwriter and pianist at the Algonquin Hotel's famed Oak Room for a young jazz artists' competition in 2005, and though we didn't win (but received rave reviews from the club's then talent booker, Barbara McGurn, and the Wall Street Journal), I formed a formidable songwriting alliance with Rachel Eckroth (who is genuinely cool and has fully earned every single pensive photo on her site). Thanks to her gracious time and talent, even while working on her own album and touring extensively, I now have my name on the co-writing credits for eight original songs, the first of which (though unmixed as yet... I couldn't wait!) is titled Shallow and is playable on my audio page. The final, mixed version will replace it soon, along with our seven other works, and then hopefully more to follow.

Please enjoy it, along with the handful of covers (I have to apologize for their comical-sounding, fake instrumentation beyond the piano...what can I say, it was a state school and we were on a budget), and contact me via email if you did and would like to hire me.

P.S. I've added some a cappella versions of cover ballads that I love. Yes, this is the lazy route, but I also think it's valuable to show that I can maintain pitch with no help throughout an entire song.